Spring cleaning is commonly done at least once a year in most houses. As the name implies, it’s often done at the start of spring. However, that was an old concept. Since many people have so much stuff in their houses, it’s best if you carry out a cleaning at least once every three or four months. For people who are Elderly, disabled and live alone, thoroughly cleaning their houses can be difficult as there are so many physical actions involved such as bending, picking up stuff. This activities should not get in the way of living in a neat and clean environment if thats your wish. At Chenash Cleaners, we will take care of all your spring-cleaning needs.

An Initial Assessment

Before we start the cleaning, we will first carry out a non obligatory detailed assessment of your home and then give you a quote. Of course, we understand that different clients have different needs about the type of cleaning they want done. We will talk to you in detail about the work that you want done so that nothing is done without your permission. Once we agree, we will allocate you a cleaner and you will be given the name of the allocated cleaner to expect before hand.

Easy Solutions for Our Customers

Our Cleaners are highly professional and we will respect your wish while the cleaning is being carried out. Once done, we will show you around to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the standard of service that we offer. If you have any more suggestions, we would love to know!

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