As a person grows old, performing basic tasks such as cleaning and tidying begins to get difficult to perform. Most Elderly people have difficulty in bending down or getting up. As a result, performing common tasks such as cleaning often becomes an uphill struggle. However, just because you are growing old and live alone does not mean that you have to live in an untidy, unclean environment. If it is your wish to live in an environment that is clean and fresh, at Chenash, we will give you just that. We offer a plethora of cleaning services for the elderly and one-off cleaning package is our most popular service.

What Do We Offer?

The one-off cleaning service that we offer is designed to take care of any special cleaning tasks that you may have. From handling basic tasks such as tidying up around your home to washing your dishes and laundry, our expert cleaners can do it all. We have a dedicated team of cleaners who are experts at what they do and knows how to clean to make a notable difference drawing from years of experience in the cleaning industry. We will ensure that all of the cleaning is completed in a timely manner and that our clients don’t have anything to worry about. From polishing brass to cleaning the woodwork, setting up the kitchen cupboards, ironing your clothes, cleaning the cooker, or performing any other task in the house, we will do it all for you at a very affordable price!

Important Information

The customer would provide all of the cleaning materials. The good news is, we are Eco friendly too. We bring out your Eco friendly product and lets make our environment great. If you want us to bring our own cleaning equipment and materials, please note that an additional surcharge will have to be paid. We are dedicated to maintaining your independence and have priced our services accordingly so that people with fixed incomes as well as those with limited resources can avail themselves of our services. If you want to know more, why not give us a call?

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