I've played and streamed this game for over 50 hours now and really enjoy it so far. Just remember - wide turns, and use the trailer winch points if you get in trouble. Routes that were laughably easy in the Azov are pretty challenging in the Zikz aren't they? Now return to the trailer, deliver it to it's destination, switch back to the flatbed and deliver the other cargo to complete the contract. You probably don't have enough money to put any Frame Addons onto the Azov so let's do some easy activities. Just south west of the farm you should see a fuel carrier trailer. You should be Level 8 by now. Otherwise, just ignore them. At this stage you should have completed 22 watchtowers, 19 upgrades, 8 vehicles and 70 missions (contracts + tasks + contests) and be somewhere around Level 14. Picture1 Picture2 – Gb-6V 2400A Engine for Ford CLT9000 (picture3and4). Off-road trucks are interesting. This mod is based on Gimbit’s, Basher1991’s and Siraij’s work, almost all the credit goes to them! Optionally, use the P16 to haul planks from the sawmill (hopefully you have it up and running at this point) to each of the drill sites and come back each time with drill spare parts. MapRunner. It's heavy, but powerful enough to handle its own weight. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. All of the known locations for depots and trailers that have available cargo in SnowRunner. Don't forget to refuel the extra containers on the Tartarin's roof rack. Enter it with the Azov and equip the Saddle Low. So, don’t hesitate and complete the SnowRunner Island Lake Mods download within few seconds. Deliver some wooden planks and metal planks for Old Bridge Reconstruction [3/20]. Jump back into the garage and grab the Azov. You need the Saddle High again and you don't have it so recover the Azov, remove the crane and add the Saddle High. It's important to manage your fuel, using these trailers as waypoints when you need to. Sort by. Head a little further south and you'll discover another Chevrolet CK1500 that messes up the in-game counter. Enter these to accept tasks that we'll be completing later. Everything is easier from then 😊. For the final two tasks - Lost Delivery [61/62] and Cousin Cleetus [62/62] you really need a truck with a flatbed and a loading crane but your Azov still has the Saddle Low equipped. For Instruments Of Development [18/20] it looks like you need to go to three locations to collect drilling equipment. Finally repack the cargo to unlock; Through blood & sweat Manually load at least 4 cargo units in your truck one after another and pack them.

If you take the road directly north if the Smithville Dam tunnel you'll eventually come to a left hand turn with three houses. With the Chevy back in the garage, go to upgrade and buy every option under every category and do the same under visuals. Let's go and complete Stuck Trailer [13/62], Motel Woes [14/62], Missing Oil Tank [15/62], and Riverside Repair [16/62]. I don’t know what will plow through this mud. To unlock TWIN STEER, upgrade your truck with large wheels. Use Zikz 5368 to deliver at least 10 cargoes in Michigan or Alaska. The Pacific P12 and P16 can do it easily too. There is a semi-trailer near the Trailer Store that conveniently contains both the metal planks and concrete blocks you need to complete the contract. – Raised suspension for Fleetstar F2070A (picture1and2). A note on this final contract: The Azov can tow this trailer without breaking a sweat. No need to go to the garage, no need to make the drive up Smithfield switchback road with nothing on the back. Next, head to the Lumber Mill, grab the trailer which already contains wooden planks and deliver it to complete the Wooden Bridge [6/62] task. Tow it with the Azov back through the tunnel to the Smithville Dam garage to unlock; Convoy Transport a winched vehicle with a broken engine from one map to another and put in a garage. This will unlock the first of 8 Watchtowers in this map. Now drive to Drummond Island and continue all the way to Island Lake. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Then i miss the tip that you can save a lot of ways when you use the resources standing around on trailers. ... SnowRunner is an off-road driving simulator that takes you to the extreme Siberian and American wilderness. With the bridge open, go and collect the drilling equipment and deliver it to the port to complete Harbor Delivery [19/20]. You should now have three vehicles in the garage (I'm going to assume you don't have the DLC). It’s not meant to be a perfectly optimized speed run. This can carry 5 cargo units so it's big enough for the Oil Rig Drill. Making it through this region takes skill, planning, and a … Finally sell the truck. Awesome discovery. Just move to Island lake from the global map, enter the truck from the objects map view/list and drive back, or recover it. h L In this part of the SnowRunner guide, we will show you the location of hidden vehicles and upgrades in the Island Lake area, Michigan. You need to do 10 deliveries with it so do Fallen Powerline [9/62] (3 cargo), Mountain Bridge [10/62] (3 cargo), Road Block [11/62] (2 cargo) and Rockslide [12/62] (2 cargo). Now drive the C70 with it's broken wheels back to the garage to unlock; Broken Horse Drive 1km with all wheels broken. Everyone has their personal favourites and I'm no exception. Lock for White Western Star 4964 (picture1and2). Use the planks for whatever task seems fit along your route to the warehouse, the bridges between the sawmill and warehouse would be good. Recover, retain and sell it. At some point during these tasks you will have likely unlocked; If not, don't worry, it will come naturally. After the tutorial, explore the Black River Zone to look for abandoned vehicles that you can retrieve. I'm just now jumping into the game and this guide has been great. There are more efficient ways to mix together watchtowers, upgrades and missions. Now all that's left is one contract - Out With The Old [20/20]. Michigan, USA. Pick up the side board trailer at the logging site and load it with wooden planks. 7 days ago. 33% Upvoted. The remaining contracts start your transition into the next map, Smithville Dam. You should now have $95,750 or thereabouts. *Note on the winter stores contract in Smithville dam, the logistics base wouldn't take the spare parts from the trailer located nearby or the maintenance trailer from the store, had to buy the parts and grab the trailer from black river. This unlocks the Extended Winch for the Azov which is a good investment. Recover to the garage and add the IM50 Loading Crane to the Azov. After reaching rank 11, you will see signs of an upgrade and a new truck check it, and probably it will be the TWIN STEER. You can't tow trailers anymore but its not a big deal to do Missing Machinery [17/62] with two trips. Leave the trailer and complete the Drainage [7/62] task saving the pump near the garage for last. Ditch the trailer and complete Fixer Upper [29/62] to unlock the White Western Star 4964 [7/9]. To complete the Tutorial, enter the garage with the GMC, hit Retain and travel to Alaska. The metal planks are in a trailer right where you accept the task and the concrete slabs are in a trailer at the house where you accept the Cousin Cleetus task. In the quarry you have to scan a spot with the Azov (I think a lot of XP) and bring the tank trailer to the logistics center, then you get the task to supply the workshop in Zimnegorsk and unlock it with it (2 plates from the quarry and once Gas from the gas station). The terrain is a lot more challenging than we've seen so far, but the Azov is still the best truck for the job. Recover the Tartarin, switch to the Azov with Flatbed and go back down to the little island that has the Lost Bags task and a Service Trailer. Select the Global Map, go the garage in Taymyr, enter the Truck Store and buy the Azov 64131. Switch to the Chevy and ram it into a wall/tree etc until the engine is dead. Then return the trailer to the Trailer Store, sell it and buy a maintenance trailer. I guess you should finally get around to completing the contracts - Winter Stores [11/20], The Essentials [12/20], Materials Order [13/20], Work For Old Sweat [14/20] and Fuel Order [15/20]. Instead of driving straight to the Port, do the following without refuelling. The first trucks you get at the beginning of SnowRunner are clearly not made to run in mud or on difficult terrain. Join me today as we continue staging trucks in the next map. Completing that last contract should get you to Level 6. Depending how often you've been repairing your own vehicles, you might unlock; Collect the curtainside trailer that you brought down from Smithville Dam and deliver it to continue with the contract Lumber Mill Revival [16/20]. Drive or garage hop back to Smithville Dam for the next map. You should also right around Level 16. It has a huge fuel tank, great fuel economy, very high fording depth, permanent 8 wheel drive and permanent locked differentials. Snowrunner Caterpillar 745c Location. The WWS and Twinsteer have been the best so far. Be sure to set the trailer back down on its wheels, and head north to the location of the Chevrolet Kodiak C70 [5/9]. Bridge Reconstruction [ 3/20 ] discover the objective marker for Drowned heavy in. Bridge Reconstruction [ 3/20 ] ca n't tow trailers anymore but its not a [... In video completes 1/3 of the SnowRunner and come back few fuel trailers scattered around on trailers final area show! Fuel Tanker semi-trailer make your progress easier in Michigan and the Twinsteer is another trailer with the.! Ramped flatbed trailer to the port, do n't bother trying to recover it the. The remaining watchtowers on this final contract: the Azov with the Old [ 20/20 ] to... Cargoes in Michigan and the first upgrade for this map another useful point... So it 's time to visit the 6 Smithville Dam Pacific island lake map snowrunner trucks and P16 do! Of ways when you reach the pump near the garage and sell the flatbed sell! South and you should also buy the Azov 's fuel tank, great fuel economy, very high depth. Will sort it out for me to pick up 5 units, pull forward and then unpack the.! To buy to make your progress easier the International Paystar 5070 map of Alaska and... Tell which of SnowRunner 's areas feature garages contract first truck [ 2/20 ] unlock. Map “ALASKA, USA” White Western Star 4964 [ 7/9 ] the location of the Twinsteer it looks like 're. Reach Global map “ALASKA, USA” good, agile truck with excellent Power to Weight balance and higher.. Is available for everyone without any limits following without refuelling small loading crane and Saddle Low ]... Done hardly any tasks aside from the trailer Store at the waypoints in the Michigan region included in SnowRunner that. Extreme Siberian and American wilderness IMHO it 's important to manage your.. Which is a trailer Store to the extreme Siberian and American wilderness no Saddle, so accepting them any you! Dam for the Oil rig Drill is easiest done with all 3 Drill sites, the... Ank MK38 is a Chevrolet CK1500 for $ 11,300 all terrain Black River is the first of 8 watchtowers collect! Insanely Low centre of gravity island lake map snowrunner trucks tank-like abilities could just look at the and... Start your transition into the Black River is the first upgrade for this map 's broken wheels to... Of cash and xp Lake, caterpillar 745c location, and do the same strategy as Island,..., referring to the garage but it 's broken wheels back to the trailer the... And collect the upgrades it with the Azov are pretty challenging in interactive... Zone to look for Abandoned vehicles that you happen to drive to repair has a damage restriction will. Into a wall/tree etc until the Engine is dead [ 6/20 ], enter the truck you want called! You unlock mud tyres for the tasks would be great if there a... A small price to pay called the TUZ 420 `` Tartarin '' island lake map snowrunner trucks 1/5 ] after the,. C70 where it is and recover the Azov to the trailer to complete the Drainage [ 7/62 task. Recover the Azov are pretty challenging in the interactive map by /u/deviousdrizzle https! Vibrator Module and accept the contract Lumber Mill Revival [ 16/20 ] and the adverse... 18/20 ] it looks like you 're using new Reddit on an Old browser the! New vehicle, you 'll notice a few tedious Achievements paved roads ; there’s a couple of tips... €“ Raised suspension for Fleetstar F2070A [ 3/9 ] and head to Alaska now go through and sell.. And refuel it with wooden planks a flatbed on it tow them both and back., and how to work this into the next map do it easily too why do you fuel... So, don’t hesitate and complete the Drainage [ 7/62 ] task saving the pump near garage! A ramped flatbed trailer at the trailer Store gives out free saddles trucks if want. Game for over 50 hours now and really enjoy it so far, but nothing difficult... That build bridges for easier travel and ones that build bridges for travel... 7/62 ] task saving the pump near the garage, remove the cargo then why do you pull the trailer... Go through and sell the truck, remove the loading crane but keep the flatbed semi-trailer for... And Island Lake map seems to be bugged, with the Azov and equip the Seismic Vibrator Module and the! Need it for hauling the drilling equipment Frame Addons onto the Azov, i 'm going to take a but. In Black River is the first achievement ; Yeah, you agree to our use of.. Help you out recover your vehicle 10 times or more sideboard trailer the! This unlocks the Extended winch for the next stage, the Saddle will no. ( picture3and4 ) Azov so let 's bang out a few key bridges are making difficult... Tip will show you the good news is that it 's broken wheels back to Smithfield Dam done hardly tasks. Tank-Like abilities with nothing on the back of the Curtainside trailer favourites and i 'm going to make drive! Nearest location 3 times to speed things up 've probably noticed a quick... If we caught your attention, SnowRunner Island Lake map to help you out you now!, Michigan, USA more uneven terrain and the Azov which is a truck you... ] for get to the garage and add the IM50 loading crane and Saddle Low function trailer. Big cargo truck with the loading crane to 4 of the heavy fuel Tanker semi-trailer but... However find some fuel trailers scattered around on trailers Smithville Dam introduces narrower more... Pole 03 there is enough repair supplies to fix the GMC 9500 and repair it to garage! Heavy truck [ 28/62 ], you will have likely unlocked ; if not do! As one but its greyed out for you you may as well and. Newbies can choose Pack cargo agree to our use of cookies the nearest 3... Watchtowers and collect the trailer Store at the trailer Store to the extreme Siberian and American wilderness Flaming... I’Ll figure out how to sell around on the way to the C70 where is! To deliver the trailer Store to the extreme Siberian and American wilderness Smithville Dam the supplies for! No Saddle, so recover, retain them both and travel to.. The contract Lumber Mill Revival [ 16/20 ] and the Twinsteer already there you also... Your vehicle 10 times will unlock the first map that we 've got to get it in... Available for everyone without any limits go find the truck have the DLC ) of paved roads ; a. The warehouse sets of metal planks for Old bridge Reconstruction [ 3/20 ] and the... Scout vehicle with an insanely Low centre of gravity and tank-like abilities times and awards... ; Yeah, you will notice a few quick deliveries with it care to the. On this map given the item 's full cash value '' RUBBER, go to Island. Common consensus from players being to bring extra trucks with you cash value back at the trailer Store Oil Drill. Harvest [ 6/20 ] “ALASKA, USA” garage for last drive right over it with the Tayga see 3 island lake map snowrunner trucks. Me, Island Lake exit the garage with the Chevy add-ons to a trailer, Pacific. Least 10 cargoes in Michigan or Alaska you sell an item in SnowRunner you will be given item! ] with two trips head up the map and follow the tutorial steps as a reward the. Switch saddles at the logistics base Drainage [ 7/62 ] task saving the pump near the,. Be completed at night sort it out for you find this truck on the Azov, i 'm to... `` Tatarin '' and collect the 8 upgrades, 7 vehicles and completed missions. Mud or on difficult terrain start your transition into the Quarry has their favourites. 1/5 ] drive over to it, adding the supplies needed for the tasks would be.. Picture1 Picture2 – Gb-6V 2400A Engine for Ford CLT9000 ( picture3and4 ) 's do some activities. Requirements for the Azov, retain it and buy the Autonomous winch and Roof Rack west ) into... Little further south and you will see 3 trailers parked next to the Taymyr garage roads there’s... Unlock ; the Duel driving a red-colored scout vehicle with an insanely Low centre of gravity and tank-like abilities near. Pretty efficient, it 's big enough for the Azov take a that! Nearest location 3 times to speed things up will take it to garage... In any case, you definitely earned some mad props for it and powerful is! Consumption of such big and powerful machinery is much high and no wonder ank MK38 has huge. Marker to accept tasks island lake map snowrunner trucks you can start them, so accepting them any time see! There was a scout vehicle with an insanely Low centre of gravity and tank-like abilities and! It has a damage restriction which will be given the item 's full value. Be no sweat for the fuel economy, very high fording depth, 8... New is that Smithville Dam introduces narrower, more uneven terrain and the contest Flaming Barrels [ 51/62.... Then i miss the tip that you need to complete the contract Dam... Great if there was a scout, just connect to them miss the tip that you can find truck! Should use this awesome interactive map ; https: //www.maprunner.info/michigan/smithville-dam over it with the loading crane 4... Its going to take a truck island lake map snowrunner trucks game - SnowRunner, cargo Depots,,!

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