People tend to face a series of challenges in their life as they grow old. Performing basic tasks such as washing, taking a shower, or even ironing your clothes becomes a bit of a problem. If you have a problem washing and ironing your clothes by yourself, why not let us handle it for you? At Chenash Cleaners, we offer a dedicated cleaning service for clients to wash and clean their dirty clothes. If you can’t clean your clothes yourself, we can do it for you. Since this is such a common service, we have priced it very affordably for our clients. This ensures that people with low resources or those with fixed incomes are able to afford our services as well.

Making Life Easy for the Elderly

Our services are tailored to meet everyday need of our customer. We have high demand of elderly clients who request for ironing and washing services. We try our hardest to make life as easy as possible for our elderly customer. A cleaner will be sent to your home and will use the cleaning equipment and materials that you provide to wash your clothes, dry them and iron them. We can wash and iron clothes for the whole week for you.

An Affordable Option

You don’t have to pay a great deal of money just to get your clothes ironed and washed. We have priced our services after careful consideration to ensure that our clients get the best possible service without having to feel that they are being overcharged. You can always call us if you want more information.

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